Friday, February 14, 2014

A Beautiful Tarot and a Book

I haven't been doing much this past week, so nothing much to post about.

I did get some wonderful mail though!

I received this beautiful tarot deck from Laura and Sparky.

The artwork of this tarot is just wonderful, and there are lots of animals on the cards.

I really love this card with ravens on it.

Thanks Laura and Sparky.
You are awesome!

And I got a book and a lovely card from Beanie!
Beanie read the book and thought I might like it. I will confess I'm very curious about it.

Thanks Beanie.
You rock!


Little Fox said...

Cool card and those books look great.

Aurian said...

I do have some Tarot cards myself, this looks beautiful. And no, Stephanie Meyer, really? I've read the first one, and never wanted more, I just hope you will enjoy it more than I did.

Sullivan McPig said...

I haven't read anything by Meyer yet. I will see if I like it or if sparkling vampires are a bridge too far ;-)

Melliane said...

Ah Meyer, I read all the books because I didn't understand why people loved them... I kept telling myseld that the next one would be better but well no. I hope you'll like it though. I love the card, I have some too bit not as beautiful.

Beanie Mouse said...

Well, The Stephanie Meyer book has been registered (by me!) on ....... so if you don't like it, you're encouraged to pass it on elsewhere completely guilt free!!!! In fact, I know the Amsterdam Vondelpark youth hostel where I stayed has an official bookcrossing bookshelf in the main reception.