Friday, November 22, 2013

Loot, Mail and Little Hats

As promised: a picture of me and all the books I brought home from Brighton. And yes! That is a bookmark signed by Neil Gaiman I'm holding.

My owner also bought two cool t-shirts.

And we collected some cool buttons.

At home this t-shirt was waiting for us.
Amanda Carlson sent it to us because as part of her street team we posted a review of Cold Blooded on Amazon during her Review Blitz.

Talking about cool stuff:

I got marzipan cheese from my owner's OtherHalf.
They made a mistake in the store: They said it was a marzipan pig, but anyone can see that's not a pig. My owner corrected the mistake.

Today we went to the library and got free stuff!
Eric in The Land of Insects is a story about a boy who enters a painting and ends up just as tall as the insects in the painting. The other book has all kinds of art in it. There were also a pen, mints and a coin for a grocery cart.

My owner also bought two of those drinks that sometimes wear those cool hats. This time however we got two small knitting sets so you can knit your own hat!

I told my owner to get knitting of course.

This is her first try.
It's... acceptable.
She managed to get some holes in it, but those are on the back. And even though it's been years since she knitted, she's still the queen of unexplained extra stitches. I think she needs to knit some more hats until she gets it right. And this hat still needs a pompom on top of course!


Aurian said...

Ooo I want a booklist of all your loot, and the swag/buttons are absolutely cool as well.

It has been over 30 years since I last knitted or crocheted something, I don't think I can remember how.

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Wow! Lots of cool loot you got there Sullivan. And that hat is excellent. now you just need a matching scarf!

Little Fox said...

I always enjoy when I come home from a trip and find someone sent me a t- shirt.

Anna Watts said...

Love that hat! I never saw any kits like that before, but that would be neat! Did the little hat pattern come with the kit, or did you size a pattern down?

Sullivan McPig said...

The pattern came with the hat. I think it's a really fun freebie to get with a drink.

Ajdin the Bosnian Bear said...

Wow - I like your hat! My owner gave me a knitted one also but it's blue.

Buttons the Bear said...

Hi Sullivan,
I like that your new hat and you are color coordinated. ;)