Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Totally Awesome Mail

When we got home today there was a notice that they tried to deliver a package, but because nobody was home they'd try again the next day. Knowing chances were high we wouldn't be home tomorrow I was all set to have to wait until this weekend to be able to get our package, but then suddenly the doorbell rang...

It was the delivery guy who had decided to try to deliver our package one more time before calling it a day. How awesome!

The package turned out to be from Jeffe, who sent us lots of books and chocolate!

We were especially happy with these two books.
Thunder on the Battlefield: Sorcery is an anthology that contains a story written by Jeffe. Rogue's Pawn (an awesome Fantasy Romance) is also written by Jeffe. Rogue's Pawn is a special, limited edition print version. There are only a few of them made, otherwise the book is only available as ebook. Jeffe signed both books for us as well!

My owner, Voodoo Bride and I love Rogue's Pawn and are very happy with this print version. Finally we have a Jeffe book to hug and pet (because hugging our eReader just isn't the same).

Thanks Jeffe!
You are awesome!


Jeffe Kennedy said...

I'm so happy it arrived! I'm always worried the packages will drop into the ocean somewhere along the way. And it looks like the chocolate didn't melt,either! Woo hoo!

Hammie Hamster said...

nice package!

Jerry and Ben said...

Wow, almost like Christmas! You sure are one lucky pig Sullivan!

Jerry and Ben said...

Info. on our 2013 Halloween contest is ready!

Aurian said...

That is a great package Sullivan!