Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Book Avalanche

Today there were a big box and a smaller package in my mail.

First I opened the package.

It was Laura Bickle's newest book which released today!

Laura and Sparky send us a signed copy.
How awesome!

Thanks Laura & Sparky!

Next up was the big box!

Oh, I know who this is from now!
Time to find Voodoo Bride, because she'll want to see it as well.

It turned out to be an awesome present from Jeffe Kennedy.
She and my owner are online friends and she send a box full of books and goodies for both me and Voodoo Bride.

Some fun buttons, including two of Rogue's Pawn, which is one of Jeffe's books and which is really cool! One of those will go on our noticeboard and the other will go on my owner's bag.

Voodoo Bride fell in love with this flower pen.
Jeffe also send a notebook and bookmarks with her books on them.

What an amazing present!

Thanks Jeffe!

If you don't hear from us in a while it's because we are reading ;-)


Jeffe Kennedy said...

I'm really amused that they had to write a great big "NETHERLANDS" on there. Mine wasn't big enough???

You're welcome and happy reading!

Sullivan McPig said...

@Jeffe: it seemed big enough to me, but maybe someone was afraid it would be send to the wrong country if it wasn't written really BIG. ;-)

Jeffe Kennedy said...

There's a hint of incredulity to it, like "no, really, it's going to the NETHERLANDS."

Aurian said...

Wow, what a great present! I always love unexpected packages!

Jerry and Ben said...

Wow! It's like Christmas!

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

You're going to be beary busy (and happy) reading books for a while!

Jerry and Ben said...

Ben and Jerry have a special announcement on their blog!

Enbrethiliel said...


Laura Bickle has lovely handwriting! =)