Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Piggy Mail

Very early this morning, when I was getting ready to go to work with my owner there was mail! It was from Beanie and it contained a beautiful card and a piggy notebook.

Thanks Beanie!
I love it.

When we got home from work there was mail for me yet again!

Oh! Distant cousins who're closer by following me online!
Spider Pig is one of my heroes I will confess.

And even more piggies!

This cool mail was send to me by the Dame from Dame's Portrait Gallery. Thanks!

I love looking at all the cool portraits people send to the Dame's blog and I will have to bug my owner into making and sending a portrait of me or both of us so we can send that to the Dame.


Buttons the Bear said...

Wow, what a lucky little pig you are. You are keeping the mail carrier busy! ;)

Love the piggy notebook from Beanie.

Found art blog said...

The weird thing is, I posted your notebook at the same time as Hammie's fridge magnet...!! And don't you LOVE mail from Dame Mailarta!!! She got mail from the Queen of England, too!

Raquel said...

Buttons is right, your postman is getting busy these days with you!
Kisses and enjoy your presents :)

Mailarta said...

The Dame would Love to have Sullivan and Owner in the portrait project!! . . Pleased to see how efficient the mail delivery is .. Look forward to hearing from my postie about the mail arriving from The lands of Nether . .with Love and Laughter,