Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Sale in a Church

Today my owner took me shopping and we ended up in a church!

Now what could be sold here?

Oh, books!
It turned out there was a special discount sale being held in the church. My owner told me that the church is used a lot for special events, not only sales like this, but also for expo's and such.

And look who I ran into:
Little Mole!
We had fun looking through boxes of books together, but sadly enough we didn't find any cool books, so I didn't buy anything.


Katie Dalton said...

what a cool looking church. too bad you didn't find anything good.

Hammie en Gea said...

Is it the A-kerk? So nice that you saw Little Mole! Does he love to read to or did he search a book for his owner?

Marlowe said...

I like your friend Mole. Did he find something at least?

Sullivan McPig said...

Little Mole found a book that had a cd with it!! He and his owner were very glad with the cd.