Thursday, March 4, 2010


There was a package from Beanie today for me and Coco. I immediately took out our letteropener to see what was inside.

Here Coco is checking if we didn't leave anything in the envelope. Wouldn't want to throw anything away by accident.

We got souvenirs from Beanie's trip to Lille!
I love the magnet Beanie send and there was a hippo bookmark too that me and my owner can use when we're reading books together. Luckily Coco liked the crayons and the hedgehog thingie more so we didn't have to fight over deviding the souvenirs.

I did try out the hedgehog thingie though, it cuts really cool hedgehog shapes in paper. I think I'll borrow it from time to time and then Coco can borrow my spiky stamp roller thingie I got from Beanie awhile ago.

Thanks Beanie, we love it!


Marlowe said...

I like your paper punch. Who would have thought they would make one like a hedgehog!

Found art blog said...

How brilliant!! You didn't argue over the presents and you share them too!! I love that!!

Demented Wench said...

Always a good idea to check inside the packaging before you throw it out.